Spring 2022 Openings

APPLICATIONS DEADLINE DEC 3 @ 5PM (We will NOT accept late applications)



For questions contact: @ hrdirector@cable8.org.



The TV department in Cable 8 is where students write, produce, direct, film and edit their own TV style shows. There is typically a Director and Producer who are in charge. They come up with an idea with a six episode story arch, write the first script and pitch that idea to the Cable 8 execs. Once approved the Director and Producer hire two assistants. An assistant producer and Assistant Director. All four positions earn credit. Then the team of four will hire volunteer actors/talent and crew members based on the characters they put in their script. It's up to the directors and producers to divy up the work throughout each episode to get it done on time. They can check out equipment from the production manager and use the cable 8 facilities, tools and props to film their episodes

  • Director

    • Typically directs actors and crew, films and is in charge of editing

  • Producer

    • Typically writes scripts, gets props, helps edit

  • Assistants

    • Chosen by the directors and producers. 

    • They help the director and producer with their jobs. 

    • Usually it’s running audio, writing, editing

  • Production Manager

    • Is in charge of managing and checking out Cable 8 equipment.

Show Pitches:

To pitch a show you need a director, a producer, a script and a “season” outline! Scripts have historically been 14:30 or 29:30 episode (minimum), and you make 6 episodes (about every two weeks). But they are negotiable with head of department and show staff.




Position duties may vary. For questions contact: Zach Mora @ vpmarketing@cable8.org.

The promotions and marketing department works to grow the Cable 8 brand as well as increasing student engagement and involvement. For each position, we are looking for passionate and creative individuals ready to contribute.

  • Special Events Coordinator: In charge of all special events, including but not limited to hospitality events, Cougar Vision Outreach Program events and spring banquet.

  • General Promotions Manager: In charge of creating and executing promotional campaigns for the station.  Find ways to increase engagement, determine how to improve our reach with current and future audiences, organize digital collaborations with other similar organizations.

  • Graphic Design Artist: In charge of creating graphics for various projects and events.

  • Photographer: Take photos at each Cable 8 meetings, events & minimum one filming per show.


Special Projects 2022



Positions and shows subject to change. duties may vary. For questions contact: GW @ vpspecialprojects@cable8.org.

 Show: Coug Chronicles

  • Director

  • Producer 

Show: Unorthodox Sports

  • Director 

  • Producer(x3)