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Learn. Create. Inspire.


Cable 8 Productions was established in 1986 at Washington State University as a student-ran organization focused on enabling college students with broadcast production experience. Since our origins, Cable maintains its dedication to providing professional equipment and a quality studio space to best replicate the environment of broadcast media. Whether students are pursuing a career in broadcast or seeking to flex their creative interests, Cable 8 is an organization committed to fostering a community of inclusivity, collaboration, and education.



Cable 8 Productions currently enrolls 60+ students within various positions and departments. Our organization produces a variety of shows each semester at award-winning quality. Many alumni of the organization have continued into the field of broadcast productions to have successful careers in front and behind the camera. Our organization is always eager to bring in new students as talent, directors, producers, and crew and help them develop the skills necessary in televised and digital media.


Looking for a role in Cable 8? Discover all the unique positions, their responsibilities, and when they are available for application at our join page. You can also view our current executive board and staff pages to see the different roles we currently have to offer for our members. We hire during the first weeks of each semester, so if you happened to miss the deadline consider checking during those times.

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