Spring 2021 Openings

Due Monday, January 18, 2021 @ 12pm


▪ Directors and Producers: for new shows (see additional Pilot Proposal) or any past Cable 8 Productions shows.

Production Manager: In charge of managing equipment and acts as a technical liaison. Assists the VP of Television, including regulation of show quality.

Master Control Coordinator: In charge of creating weekly programming schedules, scheduling and managing master control operators. 


General Promotions Manager: In charge of creating and executing promotional campaigns for the station while assisting with general Cable 8 Productions campaigns.

Photographer: In charge of creating a visual history of Cable 8 Productions.



Sports Coordinator: Filming, editing, and creating videos on a variety of sports throughout the semester. Responsible for managing staff, talent, and working with the WSU Athletics department on filming games.

Web Publicity Manager: Responsible for filming, scripting, editing, and creating promotional videos for each show and for our philanthropy events.

Community Promotions Director: In charge of creating community outreach and RSO (registered student organization) promo videos as assigned. Position is flexible as assignments vary per semester. Responsible for creating a certain amount of community and philanthropic videos. Someone with experience preferred, but not required.

Cougar Story Coordinator: Responsible for the production of Cougar Stories. Tells the stories of WSU students and faculty through interviews and B-roll. Responsibilities of the position include interviewing WSU students/faculty, coordinating shoots, editing video, and ensuring episodes come out on schedule.

▪ Have your own idea for a special projects segment? Pitch it to us! We would love to hear from you. Use the "Special Projects Segment" button to apply.

What do I fill out?

Would you like to join the Cable 8 team?

         → Staff application

Are you pitching a pilot?

         → Staff application & pilot proposal

You MUST have a complete director/producer duo to pitch a show. Single applicant directors/producers will not be given an interview.


What does this mean? 


Find someone to pitch the show with.

Ask around. Meet new people.

Experiment with different personality types.