Staff Application

Due August 26 @ Noon


Assistant Director/Producer:

Responsible for assisting in the day-to-day as well as the long-term operations. May be called upon to help shoot, edit, write and any other miscellaneous tasks requested by the director and/or producer. This position does not require any previous experience. If you're willing to learn, we're willing to teach you.  

Master Control Operator

Responsible for the television scheduling and programming of Cable 8 content.

Production Manager:

In charge equipment organization, testing, and updating and works directly with Cable 8 content producers. If you want to gain hands on experience with the different industry standard equipment we use, this is the position for you!


Community Promotions Director

Work with different local businesses, student organizations, and members of the community to showcase some of the best the Pullman community has to offer. This position can incorporate aspects of investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking.

Web Publicity:

Produce online content to show off the behind the scenes of Cable 8 Productions, including staff interviews, making of videos, and much more. A great way to get involved and experience all aspects of Cable 8. 

▪ Murrow Educational Producer:

Work with the Murrow college to shot and edit videos of guest speakers lecturing in Com 475. Not only a great way to meet individuals with real life industry experience, but also an opportunity to gain experience in broadcast filming. 

▪ Digital Short Producer:

Create your own digital online video content for Cable 8.  

Cougar Sports Desk Assistant:

Gain experience in sports reporting and producing by assisting Cougar Sports Desk Producer in various ways. 



Responsible for all behind the scenes, headshot, and event photos displayed on Cable 8 websites and social media. This position provides the opportunity to display your work to a wide audience. 

Event Coordinator:

Work directly with the Vice President of Marketing to organization different Cable 8 sponsored philanthropy fundraisers, staff bonding retreats, and other fun, engaging, and exciting Cable 8 events. 

What do I fill out?

Would you like to join the Cable 8 team as an Assistant?

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Would you like to pitch an original digital short?

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