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T.V. Dept. Show Descriptions:

Strange Town Mysteries (Kyla Shelly & Alec Norman) : Rookie Officer Benjamin Solomon, a man who follows the rules religiously, is partnered with detective Tim Gertz, a man who knows the ropes and could care less about following the rules. Together, Benjamin and Tim’s partnership and ideals are tested along the way as they take on a cocky criminal mastermind that has intentions of controlling the city.

Proposed Schedule: 6 Episodes, released bi-weekly

Ghost of Ed (Max Mattox & Kyla Balcomb-Bartok) :  3 WSU students explore paranormal activity around the Pullman campus, with a mysterious connection to famous journalist and alumni Edward R. Murrow present throughout their endeavors.

Schedule: 3 Episodes, released approx. every 3.5 weeks

Wazzu Record Room (Colleen Hill & Jo Wyler) :  A visual podcast dedicated to discussing all things music, such as easter eggs, rankings, and exceptional albums. Local artists will be interviewed on their experience in the music industry and perform in front of a live audience on occasion.

Schedule: 5 Episodes, released bi-weekly, possible 6th episode

Preying On Your Downfall (Matt Bade & Rylee Fitzgerald): Supernatural drama focusing on the seven deadly sins who latch onto students and put them through tests to determine their fate.

Schedule: 6 Episodes, releases bi-weekly, possible 7th episode

Special Projects Dept. Shows:

Coug on the Clock (Alex Huddleston): 

Schedule: 25-32 Episodes, Mondays & Thursdays, 12-15-minute runtimes
Coug Zone (Brinkley Hill): 

Schedule: 8 Episodes, Mondays

Ball Box (Vaughn Drewien): 

Schedule: 8 Episodes, Wednesdays,40-minute runtimes 

The Fast Break (Drew Amburgy): 

Schedule: 10 Episodes, Tuesdays, 25-30-minute runtimes 

WSU Recap (Gunner Miller): 

Schedule: 8 Episodes, Mondays & Thursdays, 1-2-minute (preferably 90-second runtimes)

Coug Chronicles (Allison Martinez & Enoch Oyetunji): 

Schedule: 6 Episodes, Weekly, 5-minute runtimes

Red Tape (Rachel DeAngelis & Monique Ledesma):

Schedule: 8 Episodes, Weekly, 10-minute runtimes